Viyo, naturally improving
the wellbeing of cats and dogs
through innovative drinks.

Founded in Belgium in 2008, Viyo International is a world leading company, specialised in the development, production and marketing of liquid health solutions for cats and dogs.

Our R&D department is working together with experts and universities in the US, Europe and Japan, addressing the increasing demand of veterinarians and pet owners for natural, healthy and functional solutions that improve the nutrition patterns of cats and dogs.

Viyo Recuperation® addresses in exclusivity the veterinary market. It is a highly palatable, liquid product with a complete and low calorie formulation, supporting the recovery of cats and dogs after surgery and disease. The product is exclusively available through veterinarians in Europe, China, Australia, New Zealand, India, Brazil and South Africa. More information »

Viyo Reinforces® is the brand new consumer product that addresses pet owners via the specialty channel. This prebiotic drink helps strengthen the natural defences of cats and dogs. Viyo Reinforces® will be launched in the UK this year. More information »